The Cultural Action Committee is part of the World Interdependence Fund, a registered 501c3 non-profit committed to education in the arts.

The goals of  Cultural Action Committee include promoting Davis as one of the top 20 small art cities in the US. The opportunity of creating an art and education district through local businesses include the Varsity Theatre, Oddfellows Hall, the Pence Gallery, the John Natsoulas Gallery, and the Artery. Through creating this community, cultural tourism in Davis will blossom and help promote our local and green organizations, as according to the California Foundation for the Arts, every dollar spent on art generates $10 locally.

Another goal for the CAC is to create an Art in Public Places Fund in which a fundraiser would be held every year to help a local artist create a piece of public art for the community. The committee also is working on the World Arts and Music Festival, a three day festival to go alongside the Western Biennale exhibition to take place in in 2011. The CAC with your help and the help of the community hopes to conquer these larger goals along with short term goals such as music and art fundraisers, to promote a Davis education and arts collective for a better tomorrow.

Members of the Cultural Action Committee

Dr. Andy Jones, Chair

Dr. Jamie Anderson

Dr. William Bronston

Jesse Drew

Brian Gold

Chancellor Professor Emeritus Peter London

Dr. Michael Murry

John Natsoulas

Maria Ogrydziak

Jim Smith

Alexess Van Dyke

Richard Villareal

Dr. Hibbard Williams