The goals of  Cultural Action Committee include promoting Davis as one of the top 20 small art cities in the US. The opportunity of creating an art and education district through local businesses include the Varsity Theatre, Oddfellows Hall, the Pence Gallery, the John Natsoulas Gallery, and the Artery. Through creating this community, cultural tourism in Davis will blossom and help promote our local and green organizations. As according to the California Foundation for the Arts, every dollar spent on art generates $10 locally. Another goal for the CAC is to create an Art in Public Places Fund in which a fundraiser would be held every year to help a local artist create a piece of public art for the community. The committee also is working on the World Arts and Music Festival, a three day festival to go alongside the Western Biennale exhibition to take place in in 2011. The CAC with your help and the help of the community hopes to conquer these larger goals along with short term goals such as music and art fundraisers, to promote a Davis education and arts collective for a better tomorrow. Looking at the State of Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, Michigan and Pennsylvania, and using the Allentown Arts and Entertainment model, we see that their goals and our goals are similar. However they have a much larger footprint. Cumberland, Maryland has an approximate population of 21,000. They are a good example of what a small town can do The most important thing of all the arts and entertainment districts is that they try to coordinate existing buildings and land that can be turned into art and entertainment structures. In extensive surveying of our City for a potential Arts and Entertainment District, areas under consideration are from 1st Street and will eventually extend to parts of Olive Drive, and from the railroad tracks beyond G Street and to B Street. The following are the list of concepts that we need to focus on in the downtown area. Sculpture Art Walk, Outdoor Greek Theatre, Music Hall, two Gateways, Way Finding Signage, Decorative Under-pass - for pedestrians and vehicles - event signage and the possibility of creating an art park. In the identification of these items, we have discovered that in the past program presented to Davis, it be similar to Mesa Arizona project, we propose an Art City USA. The City Council had come up with sculpture sites. The cost for this is the most minimal of all of the items for the Arts and Entertainment District. A 4” x 4” cement pad with a light. Not only do we have to find a new location for the Music Hall, Dance Groups and Visual Arts Groups, Poetry and Music, and Theatre, we have to designate the Third and E Parking Structures, 12,000 feet not be retail, but at least half of the retail needs to be set aside for cultural and entertainment entities. Examples can be seen in the Allentown Report. Sculpture Site (Art Walk) Locations.
  • Between 2nd and 3rd Street on east side of G Street
  • Any of the four corners at Third and G Street.
  • In front of Train Depot.
  • West side of lawn at the Cabin Gallery.
  • Westside of Hunt Boyer Mansion.
  • E Street Plaza  - and the courtyard between businesses.
  • In front of the Regal Theatre on F Street and Stadium Theatre (The Regal Foundation believes we would qualify for a grant from them.)
  • Along the side of the bike path at 1st and B or 1st and C – off the street areas.
  There are various other locations that will be brought up later.  If we can get the funding and the City to place the pads and the lighting, we would be looking at minimal costs. $2,000 total…  The Cultural Action Committee and The John Natsoulas Gallery would get this donated. No additional costs to the City. Need to have a fund to maintain the artworks. Art Park  - With mosaic pedestrian skyway over the railroad tracks. Proposed site is the two acres location behind Boy Scout Cabin Parking Lot. This would be a park that potentially could be a partial parking lot and be Completely covered with mosaics like Goudy, and an actual park for art with an overcrossing that would connect to the Boy Scout Cabin Parking Lot. Look at the other cities Art Parks to see what interactive art for children and visitors would entail.  The cost for this is half a million dollars, and is fairly prohibitive unless you corporate the parking. Greek Theatre To design and build an outdoor Greek Theatre that holds 300 persons. This would be a community building project that would cost the city very little as we are working with Fred Teichert.  Fred is the owner of Teichert Foundation, which would pour all the concrete necessary. Very inexpensive, this is the single most important project if the events if the Greek Theatre are funded. Poetry, Dance, Music, Speakers, etc. Just like the public sculpture, there must be a fund for supporting it. The Theatre needs to have a Coordinator and funds to pay for programs. Music Hall In every major Arts and Entertainment District there is a Music Hall, similar to the Palms, which we lost. Similar to Boogaloos, we need a facility for these types of events. If you look at the other redevelopment agencies, the nearest building would be the Pac Bell building at 3rd Street.  The only other locations would be to do a small 50 seat hall at the Hunt Boyer Mansion. Gateways & Decorative Underpass Significant concept would be to create an arch on 1st and E, and/or Olive and Richards Blvd. Important to improve the pedestrian walk underpass by placing mosaics in this area. If possible, it would be good to place mosaic the undersides. There is a problem with historical issues. The other gateway is 5th and B Street.  The survey of Davis has shown that both locations would be preferable for this enhancement. Way Finding Signage Looking at the way finding sign examples in the Allentown Master Plan, seem to be preferable. A walking and bike-riding plan is preferable. This is on the must and is very doable. It is our first and primary objective along with the Sculpture site. Event Signage Events Signage would be run by the newly created “Events Coordinator”. Look at the Allentown description of Coordination, and for every event there should clear signage, and they should be artistic. Existing music venues are  - Delta Venus, Sophia’s, Little Prague, Ket-Mo-Ree, Bistro 33, and once a month The Odd Fellow’s hall, and John Natsoulas Gallery. Summer Series E Street Plaza. Existing poetry venues are  - John Natsoulas Gallery, every 1st and 3rd Thursdays. Art and Museums venues are - John Natsoulas Gallery, The Artery, The Pence, Hattie Weber Museum, U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame. Existing Entertainment venues are  – Varsity Theatre Artist’s and Residence Programs– Boy Scout Cabin (Potential for Information Center with Children and Adult Art Workshops).